Black-Ish Cherry Tomatoes

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In my first weekend here, I was invited to a tea. I baked a babka (actually, I twisted a chocolate babka dough and a cinnamon babka dough together, so it was a twofer) to bring; had a lovely afternoon chatting about my new employer, gardening, and greening efforts on campus; and was offered some delicious cherry tomatoes from an organic grocer in what's-considered-to-be-nearby Jeddah.

I used some in an omelette a few days ago and more in some pasta I made this evening. I have a few more left, but those I'll probably pop right into my mouth when I want a juicy, refreshing, flavourful snack. These black cherry tomatoes are incredibly yummy, and hard to describe. Not quite smokey and deep, not only sweet and tart, kind of all of the above at the same time. I couldn't find any named varieties of black cherry tomato--they're all just called "black cherry tomato." So I squeezed out some seed to save, and I'll grow a few plants on the patio here!

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2 Responses to Black-Ish Cherry Tomatoes

  1. I have a whole packet of seeds for something called "Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes!" I bought them because their color was amazing. I haven't planted them yet, but will do so tonight. I'll let you know how they grow. Shall I send you some seeds? (Can we mail seeds to Saudi Arabia?)

  2. If those are the same variety, then by golly, they are delicious and you should grow an entire yard full of them!

    One can mail seeds, and plants, even, but I'm uncertain about the likelihood of their arrival or survival. The shipment may be inspected, it may need expensive documentation, and even with all of that it may not make it through customs. One never knows, here. But personal carry-ons on a flight? No problem. :)


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