Bad Timing

I just got back from five days in Nova Scotia for two friends' wedding. It was beautiful, but like a step back in time--the Crocus and such are only just now blooming, and there are only hints of green on the trees.

Upon my return, I was greeted with this inflorescence on my Haworthia limifolia. But, in just two or so days, I'll be chopping it down to get the plant inspected for a phytosanitary certificate and sent bareroot to Saudi Arabia. The flowers will not have time to fully develop, nor will I have the opportunity to try to make babies from this plant. I hope there's a next time so I can try!

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2 Responses to Bad Timing

  1. My Haworthia limifolia was just blooming as well. The blooms stem gets about 2 ft. long...hard to photograph!

  2. Fortunately H. limifolia offsets so readily you won't really need to worry about growing it from seed to get more..


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