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After weeks of frantic furniture divestment, an international destination wedding, something of a sinus infection, and a 12-hour direct flight from Washington, DC, to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I would have plenty of reason to be flustered at customs upon my arrival: I was, y'know, carrying 99 different plant units into the country.

I had (still have) a phytosanitary certificate, but I didn't know whether I'd be asked for an import permit as well. But not one person even asked to look at my gym duffel bag full of bareroot plants, plant cuttings, bulbs, rhizomes, and other goodies. I feel almost cheated after all that effort I went through to get it (I ended up meeting my inspector in a parking lot of a Tex-Mex restaurant at 11:15 PM last Friday night).

My first order of business upon arrival in my temporary housing was to check the plants for stress due to excess water, excess lack of water, light deprivation, or physical damage from transportation. These are the ones I decided to give light, water, lack of water, or otherwise pay attention to a little bit to help give them a bit more chance of survival until I get my permanent housing in one to three weeks and can pot them.

This is the grocery bag full of cuttings, bareroot plants, et cetera that I don't think will need a great level of care for at least another few days. I have had a Columnea schiedeana in a baggie since 9 April already--what's another week or two for that cutting? I think the rest of these will be alright, generally, as well.

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2 Responses to Arrival

  1. i'm happy for you and your babies!

  2. You are a brave man. I'm afraid to BREATHE on my plants, lest they give up and die. (I had a bad experience with re-potting... I'm a bit re-pot shy now.)



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