Photographic Plant Pornography

I attended the local Gesneriad Society chapter meeting today. My fellow chapter member and friend Kyoko had a presentation on plant photography, with tips and tricks, as well as comparisons of photos printed from different print labs. It's amazing the difference between print labs, even if you use the same photo file!

I also met for the first time John Boggan, the hybridizer of one of my recent plant acquisitions, Chirita 'Dreamtime' (which is, by the way, trying to flower again). It's wicked-cool to be able to meet people like that here in DC. The local plant crowd is not a small community, and it's full of some pretty big hitters. I can only hope that someday I may have produced one or two plants that are worth speaking of in such company!

But, going back to photography, I have a lot of pretty pictures I've taken at various places in the past few months. I was going to do, like, captions and such, but I find myself lately with a lack of time. So, please enjoy the photographic plant pornography from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History orchid exhibit!

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