When one grows more than 100 plants in a small space, it's often easy to overlook the things the plants are doing. What the plant shows to me on a regular basis isn't necessarily its true face. I have a lot of shady plants that do pretty darn interesting things on the down low--if I don't keep up in their grill, they'd go completely unnoticed!

This is how my Eucalyptus grows in the window--away from me. (Yeah, that's right, I grow Eucalyptus indoors. "HOW?", one blogger friend queried? "Not well," is my answer.)

But even though the Eucalyptus is all like "shunnnnnnn!", I noticed that it's sending up new growth!

This is the "front" end of Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender.' A nice plant, to be sure.

But the back end is like a party! Yes, Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender' is the mullet of the plant world!

The Salvia elegans looks almost dead in this photo. But this was before I actually killed it.

Because when I took this photo, it had this growing hidden near the window.

This is a finger-blocked-the-flash top-down-through-the-metal-shelving-unit photo of my pineapple. I just thought it looked a little dangerous, a little frightening, and a little sexy!

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