On The Inside

My dwarf banana never went dormant--it has been growing leaves all winter! I guess I never blogged about ever getting this, but it's considerably larger than when I acquired it just under a year ago.

My pink Cryptanthus is making offsets after flowering. I don't think any of those flowers were pollinated, unfortunately, but at least I'll have some babies!

Speaking of babies, my Cryptanthus cf. bromelioides is offsetting as well, but I'm more hopeful about getting seeds from this one too!

The Cissus quadrangularis I received in trade last year has been hot and cold with me. Like Katy Perry. Just sayin'. But although random stem segments die left and right on me, sometimes they send out new growth, too--and that's what I have right now!

My florists' Sinningia is getting huge, as is its wont. I dug the tuber out at the end of the fall last year, let it rest for a bit, and potted it in new potting soil this year. I hope it'll reward me with a floriferous display!

The one-leaf Syngonium cutting I got from my sister at Thanksgiving is doing quite well in the windowsill. It's sending up a second growing point, also. There must have been something in the soil--another plant germinated. I have no idea what it is!

My larger pot of Sanseveria 'Bantel's Sensation' is doing well. This individual plant actually fell out of the pot with the other spikes, so I potted it up by itself. Now, it's sending out new growth!

New Sanseveria 'Bantel's Sensation' to grow and share with friends.

My Tricyrtis 'Samurai' is sending up new growth as well, but this new growth has lime-green leaf edges!

My Amorphophallus konjac didn't flower, yet again, but I still enjoy the huge leaf it puts out.

I also enjoy the petiole's variegation--cute pink with brown splotches! Kind of like the cow that makes strawberry milk. Yeah, what of it? I used to love that stuff.

The Selenicereus chrysocardium I received in trade has sent out multiple leaves in the few months I've had it. Maybe in the next year or so, it'll start looking like a plant!

Canna musifolia in a way too small plastic pot. 'nuf said. But I'll say more anyway! I got a few last fall via the DC Urban Gardeners Yahoo group. I only planted a small clump in this pot, just to see what would happen--and something sure as heck happened! It's breaking my pot and growing insanely tall, even without lots of light and space. I will probably try to use the other clumps in guerrilla gardening installations in the coming weeks. This beauty may have the dubious pleasure of being planted at Mr. Yogato. Somewhere.

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3 Responses to On The Inside

  1. Nice.

    Hopefully once the weather eventually warms up (it snowed last night again) I'll be able to get a few Amorphophallus species.

    That Sanseveria's really really sweet too.

  2. +1 on the Sanse, and I love Amorph's petioles - I grow them for the foliage :)

  3. Glad everyone likes the Sanseveria! I usually don't like them, common as they are, but this variegation pleased me.

    Andrew, after your Galanthus post, I felt the tiniest bit of joy about living in DC rather than Canada still. And yet, I'm going to Nova Scotia at the end of April, and I'm hoping for no snow. It's strange to even think that there may be snow that late in the year, but it's happened as late as June (just flurries, but still...) when I lived there.

    Ki, you don't grow them for the smelly flowers? I am growing mine with hopes of a smelly flower! The petiole is just a bonus.


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