Exploding Into Spring

Spring works fast, almost like liquor on a frat boy. One second, it's cold and barren--the next, it's wild and explosive.

Last month, give or take a few weeks, the garden at Mr. Yogato went through a brief awakening: the Crocus and Scilla siberica bloomed and a few things came slightly out of dormancy. The plants are hitting their stride, now, and are working on ramping up their growth at an ever-increasing pace!

The Fritillaria camschatcensis 'Black Lily' isn't dead! In fact, it's coming back from beneath the plant-refuse pile. From several spots. I didn't think it did as well last year as this growth seems to indicate--it sent up a few leaves and then kind of disappeared. With more than one growing point this year, my assumption is that it actually stored a lot of energy. Maybe it'll flower? I'd be so pleased!

Speaking of being pleased, my columbine is sending up flower buds! I look forward to seeing these open in the next few days.

My broccoli is growing true leaves. I'm worried about the mint taking over, however--that stuff is quite invasive.

Oh, no, I meant this mint! Although the other mint and such things are pervasive.

I have a random Rudbeckia seedling popping up in the bulb garden--it's in a great place to grow, if no one's bum or bag crushes it as they did most of my tulips last year, which is part of the reason why they're coming back so weakly this year. That, and the compact, wet soil may play a role too. Maybe. But I'd prefer to blame bums and bags.

The rosemary is leafing out even more. It's right next to the flowering arugula I blogged about yesterday. Actually, it's right next to almost every plant, because the Mr. Yogato garden is pretty tiny. Or maybe I just try to cram too many plants into it.

The lavender is growing leaves, but it looks a little more scraggly than the rosemary. It'll bush out this year, I'm certain!

This is the Heuchera 'Caramel' I put here last year. It's doing fine, now; last year, it was barely chugging along, because I had broken my collarbone so many times it was hard to keep it happily watered during the dry, hot summer. It seems this spring is trying to make up for last year's lack of rain, however.

The Heuchera is planted at the base of my 'Flame' red seedless grape vine. This is its third year in this spot, and the vine grew incredibly last year. The buds are leafing--I can't imagine how wild it'll get this year! I'm hoping for grapes.

Closeup shot of the buds opening on part of the grape vine.

The hops isn't growing terribly fast, yet, but the fact that it's getting larger and sending out more leaves is a positive sign to me! If it takes a year or two to get established before generating a measurable harvest of hops, I'm fine with that--I mean, I've been waiting for the grapes for years, right? I think I can give the hops the same opportunity!

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One Response to Exploding Into Spring

  1. Everything looks great! I do love columbine, mine is in an off year as it flowered beautifully last year, but next year it will be full of flowers again!


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