Deconstructing The Indoor Garden(er)

The garden is in such a state of disarray. I could use an extra few weeks to prepare myself for my upcoming move, but I don't have that kind of time. So, last night I took apart my shelving units so the movers would be able to pack them for me today--luckily, I had something of an open house yesterday, and a lot of the plants I hadn't shipped to friends elsewhere in the U.S. walked away with other people I love. There are some I'm keeping to be inspected for a phytosanitary certificate so I can take them with me to Saudi Arabia, and most of them are sitting on my windowsill right now, basking in the swampy environment that DC is famous for, because the apartment building only just turned on the air conditioning and it's crazy humid and hot on the top floor still. A little something to look forward to when I move--from what I see of weather reports, it's a lot of the same along the coast of the Red Sea.

I didn't take photos of everything I got rid of, but one visitor to the open house yesterday walked away with about three dozen plants in a box--most took only one or two, plus a few books or a lint roller. I don't get why people are so timid to take others' belonging when people say "Free! Please take it off my hands or I'll have to donate/trash it!"

But today, I posted on DC Urban Gardeners that I was giving away houseplants, seeds, fertilizer, etc., and those folks were not timid at all! Within minutes, the remains of my garden were spoken for, so for the next couple of days, I'll be meeting with area gardeners to hand over my precious babies into their care.

One of those precious babies is my Philodendron bipinnatifidum. It had two growing points, so I sawed off (yes--sawed!) one of them to take with me (it will be a long time before it gets sizable, but it's a good nugget and I think it should last until I'm able to pot it). The main growing point has a wicked-long root that I found as I moved the plant from from the top of my computer table hutch to the top of my dresser, for ease of access to visiting gardeners who may want to take it home.

Look how crazy this thing is! It's almost 10 feet long, I'd wager. It was hard to get a photo, so I took a video.


The P. bipinnatifidum grows horizontally like that because that's where the light came for it--it was about six feet away from the window, set pretty high up. If I had had it maybe on the floor, the leaves would have grown at a more-pleasing angle, but... Oh well.

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3 Responses to Deconstructing The Indoor Garden(er)

  1. That's a root?! Amazing!

  2. That thing looks like a freakin power cord!!! Geeze!!! Amazing!

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