Crocus On The Curb

More on the spring theme, I ran across these yellow Crocus growing through some urban refuse a week or so ago. It brings to mind stories of people turning old tires and other "trash" into beautiful plantings--I used to love reading about that stuff as a kid! It's one of things I try to keep in mind as I guerrilla garden, too, but I haven't yet gotten down and dirty with the city's offal to turn it pretty, except for the little broken-brick rock garden I crafted at one of the guerrilla gardening sites. I keep meaning to post about that one--we were filmed by Voice of America. I need to stop by to see how the plants are doing--I haven't been by since early Winter. The pansies that weren't stolen are blooming nicely, as I discovered via Twitter, but I want to check on the Canna, the ornamental grasses, and the Opuntia.

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