When In Rome

Rather, when in New York City during Christmas, at a Whole Foods with friends before heading to an Upright Citizens Brigade show (I want there to be an apostrophe somewhere in "Citizens," but the website doesn't show any. Damn lack of grammar.), one absolutely must twist off a piece of a random Schlumbergera, stick it in one's pocket, forget about it for a week after one returns from the big city, and then attempt to root it.

Months later, this little stem hasn't died, hasn't dried, hasn't done shit. But because it's not withering and rotting, I'm hopeful that I'll get a little plant out of it! I'll always remember my less-than-stealthy thievery and that special night I spent with my NYC-relocated friend and my boy. And, of course, who could ever forget "Forest Hills State of Mind"? ...yes. "Forest Hills State of Mind," Schlumbergera, and babka are among the wonderful memories I retain from my New York City trip, and there are so many more to make when I next go!

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One Response to When In Rome

  1. LOL this reminds me of a devil costume I wore one halloween, if it was red, just sayin'.... :)


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