Chirita 'Dreamtime' Bein' Crazy

The Chirita 'Dreamtime' cutting I got back in January has decided to start blooming! The cutting--which was about a foot and a half long and only a little branch from the main plant, which you can see with me on the first page of last month's issue of "Gleanings" from the Gesneriad Society--may have set roots already, but it has dropped most of the older leaves (with no roots to support it and a drastic change in environment, no wonder!) and only just started growing new ones. I don't anticipate being able to grow it as large as Al is able to do with his huge, humid greenhouse, but if I don't kill it, that would be awesome for me! It was hybridized by John Boggan, a local plantie who works at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. So I try to treat this cutting nicely, and I think it's doing alright. It could probably use better care, however--more humidity might be nice for it. Maybe in time, every member of the National Capital Area Chapter of the Gesneriad Society will have a cutting to try? I think that's an achievable goal.

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4 Responses to Chirita 'Dreamtime' Bein' Crazy

  1. That is a big Chirita. I definitely don't have room for something like that but wow do I want one. Post closeups of the flowers when they open, would love to see what the look like.

  2. I would like to see them open, too... I have a few photos of the parent plant's flowers from the greenhouse that I plan on posting soon-ish, but these babies don't have a favourable-enough environment to open fully, I think. They kind of wither before they truly open all the way.

  3. Huh. I've got a Chirita hybrid we're growing out for someone and it seemed like it might be doing the same thing, but after a long time doing nothing the buds look like they might start opening soon. Maybe yours will do the same?

    I guess as well that if the buds were already on it when it changed environments then maybe those buds won't go anywhere but perhaps new buds that form for you not in a greenhouse will open properly.

  4. I admire you for your experiments. I do not have the terms (no glass). I play in a different way. As I'm somewhere abroad collecting seeds and sow them in pots at home. A few years ago, Milam mimosa from seed in pots now I have 10 cm of palm trees and something else, but what turns out to grow. Yours


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