Winter Goings-On

My Tricyrtis 'Samurai' is budding! Since I took the photo, I think the buds withered. But I can always hope there will be more.

Because it is also sending up new shoots! This one and another. 'Samurai' seems to be doing well indoors.

The Calathea I got at a gesneriad society raffle is also sending up new shoots. Excitement!

My foxtail fern, Asparagus meyeri, is developing water-storage systems in its roots that are popping up out of the soil. There are two or three visible now.

My Sinningia is coming back from dormancy. It's the third time in the two years I've had it. I forced it to stay in dormancy for longer than the barely a week it did the last two times by not watering it for a month or so. Then I dug it up and repotted it a few weeks later, because I thought it needed new soil. Hopefully, it will flower as well as it has for me in the past!

My fall-blooming Crocus' leaves are not perturbed in the least by the snow outside of Mr. Yogato.

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