They Think It's Spring

Residents of The Indoor Garden(er) are doing things that indicate longer days and warmer temperatures. Outside shows similar signs, but I never trust them--growing up in the DC area really trains one not to trust things that seem like a trend toward nicer weather, and especially not to trust whatever comes out of the mouth of any area meteorologist. It has been nice, bright, and warm here for a week or so, but I still didn't take out my hoe and seed yet. DC weather is too mercurial to trust--I often feel a bit paranoid about planting or sowing seed even at the end of April, assuming that the weather is just being a tease and we'll get a hard frost that will kill all of my plants in June. I'm only proven right in that mistrust by yesterday's frigidity and the wintry mix we got overnight. But, what keeps me going is the thought that it'll all be over soon, and I'll have something new to complain about: the unending heat and humidity!

This columbine at Mr. Yogato thinks it's time to start growing again. Really? Is it safe? I'd be scared to put my tender growth on display like that.

The Crocuses are also shooting out leaves at Mr. Yogato. Alright, fine, so this is about time for them to do so, but I they're like people who wake up really early in the morning (y'know, before noon)--I know they exist, I just never understand why they'd want to put themselves through such a horrible experience on a regular basis.

Also at Mr. Yogato, mere inches from the Crocus is this tulip. I'm almost certain I didn't see the bloom last year--people kept picking them before I saw most of them, and the others got crazy aphid infestations.

Indoors, my Ledebouria socialis, which I just featured on DigTheDirt, is sending out inflorescences. Maybe this time I'll actually get around to pollinating them!

I also have an Arisaema triphyllum sending up a leaf--I had almost given up on this fellow, because it had been months since I potted him, but I guess the changing temperatures made a difference!

It seems I'm fated to receive another leaf from my Amorphophallus konjac. One of these years, I'll get a flower, and it'll smell horrible, and I'll be satisfied.

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2 Responses to They Think It's Spring

  1. A shame on the A konjac. I know what it's like watching a shoot - I'm waiting to see if my Eucrosia bicolor is going to bloom this year. As for Amorph - just hoping that the ones in containers outside will come back... If we get another of these false springs, they might not :(

  2. I'm hoping to pick up some Amorphophallus species once it warms up a bit. This year though I'll be watching my Sauromatum venosum closely, it seems to be starting to do something, but isn't growing as fast as your A. konjac is (yet).



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