More From Al's Orchid Greenhouse

Al's Orchid Greenhouse, from which I acquired several new plants and cuttings recently, is like a cavern of wonders, with beautiful, sparkly, enticing tidbits everywhere you turn. I took photos, but most of them turned out horribly. Here are some of the not-so-horrible ones.

Encyclia cochleata, one of the only plants whose tag I photographed also.

This flower looks much more interesting if you click on it and view it full size (well, cropped-sized, which is only 30% of the original photo).

These are some cute carnivorous plants in the corner, near the frog. (Yeah, Al's has a lively population of various local frogs who live in his greenhouse.)

This terrarium gave me a chuckle. It's the same exact one I saw back in March at the local gesneriad society show. Kyoko put it together and then stashed it at Al's. It looks incredibly happy, if a little overgrown.

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