Hudson Valley Seed Library

I first ran across Hudson Valley Seed Library via a tweet last winter by MrBrownThumb. It seemed nice, so I signed up for their newsletter, and I got them regularly, but I'm not sure I ever ended up reading a single one.

I don't think I ordered any seed from them last year--I was all about the Renee's Garden, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, and Seed Savers Exchange. While I was in New York City in December, however, I ended up checking out the Horticultural Society of New York, which was displaying Hudson Valley's seed packet art. I had taken a few pictures of the enlarged art, but none came out well. I did buy a few packets of seeds (Ultimate Salad Bowl [how to resist the walking salad bowls?!], Borage, Tatsoi, and Provider Green Bean).

After seeing their art and checking out their website a bit more thoroughly this year, I'm starting to become a big fan. Hudson Valley also happens to be run by a gay couple (which totally gives them extra points in my book, if only because the two are living what I think could be something of a dream for me). The gardeners I follow on Twitter and on blogs seem to belong mostly to one of two very general categories: women with kids and gay men. It's nice to see seed company management reflecting that community through, say, the woman-owned D. Landreth Seed Company and Renee's Garden, as well as the openly-gay-owned Hudson Valley. MrBrownThumb was probably tweeting something like that last year, which led me to find Hudson Valley the first time, but just recently, he wrote a great post about seed-company diversity.

So, I bought a seed library membership (which comes with ten "free" seed packets that I got to choose from the entire selection, as well as discounts on anything more than that, which I have not yet chosen to avail myself of). Maybe I'll even be able to return seeds I collect to Hudson Valley and help support them more than just financially.

...and don't think I haven't started spinning the idea of a Washington, DC-based seed library around in my head already. Because I have. I'm really just not there, yet. I'll stick to seed exchanges for the moment!

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3 Responses to Hudson Valley Seed Library

  1. I may have to check them out, looks pretty neat. Since it fits into your blog category LOL, have you visited Thomas at 'A Growing Tradition'? He and his partner have a house in MA , Thomas is the gardener and has been continually adding beds and garden space, they have citrus growing in the house, his harvests are amazing with beautiful photography. Lots of culinary goodness going on too! They have also adopted a little boy, dogs and are doing it all it seems! Fun because he just started a year ago and already looks like he's been gardening his whole life!

  2. Erin, thank you for the blog link! I'm excited about all the bread he cooks--it's one of those things I keep trying and failing horribly at. :-|

    Also, you know, you kind of live my dream life, too. It'll come, I know it will. :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the information, Kenneth. Don't they have the most awesome seed packs?



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