Happy Hoya

A few weeks ago while at Al's Orchid Greenhouse, I received cuttings of Hoya pubicalyx (shown), Hoya curtisii, and another Hoya, as well as a potted fourth Hoya that I chopped up just a little to root a few cuttings for fun. I also tried to root "fern" cuttings that I should really take photos of at some point because they're crazy-looking to me.

Some of the cuttings went into moist vermiculite that ended up in a large sandwich catering tray with a clear plastic lid to retain a high humidity level--this container has been wonderful for such things! Some other cuttings went into a mixture of moist sphagnum moss and perlite.

Both groups rooted about the same--the H. pubicalyx went crazy in both (some even already producing new shoots), and the H. curtisii mostly rotted in both. Shown above is a single-node cutting of H. pubicalyx that was rooted in vermiculite.

After a little accident with the sphagnum/perlite cuttings (they ended up all over the floor), I decided to pot these up on Saturday night. I'm still trying to get the H. curtisii to root somehow, because they're wicked-pretty. It was suggested to me that I try nicking an internode lightly, which apparently somehow encourages nodes to send out new growth, and placing a cutting in a terrarium.

I have never grown any Hoya before, so receiving cuttings that I have successfully rooted is extremely gratifying to me! Maybe I will be able to get them to flower and enjoy their delightfully scented blooms!

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One Response to Happy Hoya

  1. I think some plants are just dyslexic and confuse 'root' with 'rot'. I refuse to take any responsibility fo the death of such plants.



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