This is completely plant-unrelated. Just so you know.

So, those of you who follow me on Twitter may have read a few tweets about parkour, especially recently. If you have an exceedingly retentive (or stalkerish) memory, you may recall that I blogged (well, commented on a blog post) about breaking my collarbone last year at parkour bootcamp.

I didn't finish that level one bootcamp, of course--how to climb up walls or roll around with only one usable arm? So, I took some time off, broke my collarbone again, and went about the time-consuming process of healing and gaining a basic level of fitness. Taking that time and getting to a place where I can consider myself to be relatively active allowed me to complete the level one parkour bootcamp at Primal Fitness this past weekend. This time, I only skinned a few fingers; got awesome calluses on my palm; bruised up my knees, elbows, and palms; and found out what an IT band is after it got so tight it was funky to walk for a day or so, before I found out how to stretch it so it doesn't hurt so much.

I won't say I'm particularly awesome, yet, but for a guy who spent most of his adolescence and adult years at 300 pounds, even being in a gym is still mind-blowing, let alone being able to scramble up a wall without hand- or footholds or, hell, even just being able to do a full pullup!

So, uh, here's my "graduation" video. I can only hope it reaches the standards set by the parkour scene in The Office. During the last session, we strung together some of the movements we learned during bootcamp into running an obstacle course. For the run I'm doing in the video, we all did the same path and were timed. I am particularly proud of myself for springing off the angled box (most people stumbled at that point) and scrambling up the six-foot box without dropping, despite doing the cat leap onto it horribly and banging some part of myself. I don't really remember--the only bruise I have is on the inside of my elbow, but that doesn't seem like the right place to have banged into the wall. It sounded worse than it was, I guess, but I do need to practice those cat leaps.

You may also notice that the instructor and the bootcampmate videotaping me call me Tiny Dancer. There was an incident with a pole and me spinning around it at one point... Parkour really is good training for a variety of endeavours in life.

So. Parkour. It'll help with guerrilla gardening and escaping the po-po. And yeah, I signed up for the second level bootcamp that starts tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Parkour!

  1. Yeah! This is awesome, and you are lookin' great!

  2. There's a parkour scene in the Office? Why am I not watching this show?!?

    Good job on the video!

  3. Thanks Erin, Dirt, and College! I'm looking forward to getting better at parkour--I've only just scratched the surface.

    (If any of you sign up for a bootcamp, I get discounts, so move here and sign up! Erin, there are kids' classes on the weekend, too--I'm sure your boys would LOVE it!)

  4. AWESOME Kenny!!! That looks like so much fun - congrats!


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