While in New York City for a few days over the holidays, of course I had to buy at least one plant! Y'know. "To help remember the trip." I chose this Tillandsia bulbosa (I think--the cashier seemed quite pleased with himself for struggling "Tillandsia" from his memory when I asked what it was, so I'm only going on the basis of Google searches for the species. Seems an appropriate identification to me, anyway.) from what I was told was called "Gea's Garden Jewels," the gemstone/jewelry/succulent houseplant store recommended to me by a friend of a friend. The address was spot-on, but the shop didn't have a sign with that name on it, so I'm not sure whether it has changed hands or was never really called "Gea's Garden Jewels" anyway.

I am kicking myself a little for not photographing the 200-square-foot wonder that was that shop, with the cactuses and Lithops in tiny pots lined up in cases along the walls next to the loose gemstones, earings, and necklaces. As you peruse the shop, surprised to find that the stone you're looking at is actually a live plant, you brush up against the towering leaves from ferns and tropical houseplants tightly clumped in the center of the store, leaving barely enough room to shimmy past in some spots. Add to the mix a girl looking at stones to buy for a friend, my man milling about, and a cashier who is still learning about the diverse stock, and it made for an interesting visit.

I bought the T. bulbosa for several reasons--I had visited a few other plant shops and had seen a lot of awesome plants, but none interested me that weren't overly pricey or too bulky to carry back to DC on the bus. T. bulbosa didn't complain too much about traveling, and it was easy enough to care for while still on vacation. When I go back to New York City, I'd love to visit this shop again--it's very close to an awesome Mediterranean-ish cafe with amazing-looking pastries and tasty vegan/vegetarian fare.

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  1. "While in New York City for a few days over the holidays, of course I had to buy at least one plant!"
    As I always tell my neighbors, "You can never have too many plants."


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