Plant Crack

I am super-excited about this post! Because I have new plants! And I get to share them via the Internet!

I joined the National Capital Area Chapter of the Gesneriad Society this year, and I have definitely learned a lot. The newsletters that are put out on a regular basis offer tons of great info--history, growing techniques, where to buy certain items, et cetera. I truly need to read through some of those to get a better clue about how to care for the plants I already have, let alone the ones below that I acquired at the meeting last weekend.

So, this isn't a gesneriad. In fact, it didn't even come from the gesneriad society meeting. It was the red and yellow flowering Phalaenopsis that I purchased for $5 from Brennan's Orchids at the orchid society show and sale last weekend, which was on at the same time as the gesneriad society meeting, both at the National Arboretum. This Phalaenopsis' label says it is a cross between a "Brother Sally Tailor" X "Brother Purple" and a "Big Cheeks" X "Carmela's Brite Lites" (maybe something like this). Brennan said he was trying for an all-red flowering Phalaenopsis, which is why he was selling the non-all-red flowering ones for only $5. I am not usually a fan of yellow flowers, but we'll see whether this appeals to me. I like the stout form of the leaves and dark colouring, so I'll be happy even without a wonderful flower, I think.

This Paphiopedilum was $20 from not-Brennan. I didn't talk to the grower nearly as long as I did to Brennan, just long enough to confirm that this blossom will look something similar (but darker) as the one I posted yesterday.

Besides the hugely gorgeous flower, I purchased this for its awesome variegation--which I'll have to look at more often than I will the flower. I approve of this orchid!

Now we're into the section in which I talk about the plants I got from the gesneriad society meeting! As explained before, a portion of each meeting involves a plant raffle. This meeting was a little different (the tickets were forgotten), so we all made donations and then just circled around the table until the plants were gone. I went through three times, trying to ignore the huge pot of Calathea, and I was just about to give in when, four inches from grabbing the pot, Jim picked it up. I wiped my forehead (literally), and he noticed that I was eyeing the plant with barely restrained lust. He looked at me and said, "There's two in here."

I just about died from the shakes. I couldn't say no, I needed my fix! Also, it's a really pretty plant.

This is Chirita "Jade Moon." It looked lonely, so I took it home to some new friends.

This is Nautilocalyx pemphidius. the exact same Nautilocalyx that I fell in love with back in March! I hope I do right by it--but you'll get to see what I planted it in later. It's so cute!

It's even flowering, if you can see that well enough!

This is Kohleria "Lemon Demon," not terribly unlikely a cutting from this plant or a relative, at least. I liked the name, the size, the variegation... Much bigger than my Kohleria "Silver Feather"!

This little guy was a gift from the guest speaker at the meeting. He brought multiple rooted cuttings of a few plants; the one I grabbed is Smithiantha "Extra Sassy."

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2 Responses to Plant Crack

  1. That's exciting! Oh, I'd be knocking on your door all the time with questions if we lived close - I do okay outside, but indoors I'm hell on wheels to my plants!

  2. Glad to hear you're feeding your addiction! I just noticed I let my Ficus pumila dry out... I'm a monster!



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