Crazy For Cryptanthus

I recently purchased a buttload of Cryptanthus and a few other plants from Tropiflora. Plant therapy is a lot more expensive than the regular kind, but I am superexcited about these babies! I have had marked success keeping Cryptanthus alive, so I am a bit more willing to shell out some dough for these guys.

Haworthia longiana

Cryptanthus cf. bromelioides

Cryptanthus "Volcano"

Dyckia "Red Devil"

Dyckia sp. "La Rioja"

Cryptanthus "Ruby"

Cryptanthus "Earth Angel"

Cryptanthus "Chocolate Soldier"

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2 Responses to Crazy For Cryptanthus

  1. Nice!! I'm not a huge fan of Cryptanthus (maybe because my own plant does not look even remotely decent - entirely my own fault) but you've got some nice ones. The Haworthia's very nice as well, and if I find anywhere in Canada that sells Dyckias I'm going to be in trouble!

  2. You know, I think Tropiflora ships to Canada. :P

    Also, thank you--I hope these stay just as nice under my care!



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