Beauty In Bloom

The flower of the Paphiopedilum I purchased recently opened shortly after I acquired it. It has stayed open and not withered and fallen off, as is usually the case here at The Indoor Garden(er) (that's what happened to Aloe "Grassy Lassie," Chirita "Deco," my first Phalaenopsis, and others). Maybe, just maybe, the flower will actually stick around for a few weeks! I was hoping that it would be darker than this--there are a lot of light parts in the flower. But I like the shape and the design, and, of course, the variegated leaves, so I'm not going to complain too hard!

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3 Responses to Beauty In Bloom

  1. It may not be dark but it sure is nice. If the flower's too dark I find the spots and stripes get lost, yours has a nice balance.

  2. What a gorgeous orchid!!!! WOWZERS!!!

  3. Andrew and Julie, thank you for the comments! I sure have been enjoying this bloom's presence here in The Indoor Garden!



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