What's In Your Laundry?

Well, in the dryer tonight was this mystery seed pod. Two seeds were attached, but one fell off when I grabbed this from near the lint trap. I believe it might be an orange daylily seed pod... I have a slight recollection of grabbing one at some point recently. I hope the seed survives detergent, dry heat, and my uncare if it germinates.

Also, yeah, I do have more posts on the way. Currently, my computer is on the fritz (as it has been on and off all year), so I'm stuck operating in safe mode, which doesn't let me transfer photos from my camera to the computer. So, how did I get this picture for my post? I got an iPhone last weekend. Yeah, I know, shoot me. I can't blog like this... My next purchase might have to be a new computer--maybe one with a monitor that works, too! Oh, that would be heaven...

But, I can't completely deny the utility of this machine. Now, I can blog/tweet fun plant happenings more readily! If I am willing to give up my trademark verbosity. I am still undecided about whether or not that is an option. I do so enjoy the storytelling.

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3 Responses to What's In Your Laundry?

  1. Hope you figure out your computer problems soon. I miss the posts. Also, I have a pair of pants I haven't washed in over a month 'cause I have seeds in the pockets I need to sort.

    Since you got an iPhone check out the Blogpress light iPhone App,if you haven't already, and let me know what you think. Looks cool to me. http://is.gd/frDEY

  2. Well, it's not a fiver, then again it's not a stick of gum. Sorry about your computer, glad you found a workaround.

  3. i bet your seeds survive the wash and dry - they are pretty tough little suckers - think of what they gp thru each winter...

    btw if you need a local computer guy who makes house calls - let me know, I can refer you to mine.


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