Seed GROW Project #6: The Late Version

I could pour out excuses about why my post is almost a week late, but that would take more time to write than what I have to say about the "Spitfire" nasturtium!

The ones at Mr. Yogato died horrible deaths in the sauna that was DC this summer. So I (well, my beau) sowed a few more seeds in mid-August. My thought? DC weather is screwy, so these plants will probably survive until January, giving them the chance to bloom. Or, maybe, because weather has been exceptionally crazy this year, we'll get a hard frost next week, the plants will die, then we'll have a hurricane, followed by another month of 100-plus-degree-weather with no rain. And maybe another earthquake, or a fire!

No, this is not a picture of my nasturtium at Mr. Yogato. These are the volunteer Datura. I was picking out the seedlings at the beginning of the year--I had plans for this area (bush pumpkins), but the drunken/inconsiderate/what-have-you public changed those plans with their feet/butts/what-have-you. So I let these two seedlings grow, but then planted stuff around/under them.

If you have a keen eye, you'll notice the signs on the plants of "OMG give us water!" It has been a crappy year for gardening!

Here's the "Spitfire" seedling under the Datura at Mr. Yogato. It was sown on 18 August--this photo was taken on 4 September. Behind it, there's a spray of arugula seedlings. I got those seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. We've had some interesting weather again--it was cool and a little wet while the seed germinated, and then it was hot and dry again. Now it's cool-ish and threatening rain, but nothing seems to have materialized yet.

And speaking of drought--it appears that if you let the soil I have my indoor nasturtium in dry out too much, watering it just makes the water go right through along the sides of the pot without actually getting the bulk of the soil wet. You think you're watering your plant, but really, you're just wetting the top couple millimeters of soil and that's about it. So while you're off gallivanting around running DC State Fair, going to work, and volunteering, the nasturtium is all like "Gasp!" and gets all withery on you until you give it a nice bath in the sink to hydrate it. Then you decide "Oh, I should water more frequently so the soil doesn't dry out so horribly again," and you'll probably kill it from overattention. There's a middle ground, isn't there? I hope to find it before winter comes.

I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds.

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4 Responses to Seed GROW Project #6: The Late Version

  1. Aye, it HAS been a crappy year indeed for our mid-Atlantic states! No apologies needed, I've been pretty sporadic in my blogs lately, 2 in 1 day, then nothing.... LOL! Nice seeing the update on Mr. Yogato!

  2. I had the same problem -- either too dry such that the plant never got fully watered, or the plant drowned from being too wet all the time. The only (time consuming) solution was the dunk the entire (almost dried-out) pot into a sink full of water when it was time to water.

    Then I decided enough was enough and repotted all my plants into a mix that contains little to no peat.

    Problem solved.

  3. I am embarrassed to post photos of the nasturtiums this year: the dime-sized leaves, the two measly flowers. They were planted in the same spot as last year, but the results are shameful. It's not the water for me - it's the heat.

  4. Kenneth, hope your little guy makes it and you get a few blooms before the season is over.


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