Renee's Ripens

Renee's Garden "Super Bush" tomatoes have been a pleasant plant to grow. The tomatoes I mentioned last week ripened pretty much overnight this past Wednesday, and they were very tasty. They were pretty fleshy, less juicy (which I like immensely), packed with flavour, and a little tart. DC water, good for the vegetables! I also have a few more flowers that just bloomed, so maybe I'll have a few tomatoes to eat at the end of October, too! Growing tomatoes indoors is not nearly as rewarding as the ones grown outdoors, but it's not unworthwhile either. The expectations of harvest and care for the plants need to be modified from that of growing outdoors, of course, as well as the whole pot-grown instead of in-the-ground-grown thing.

The other plants I'm trialing from Renee's Garden didn't do so swell--the cucumber is fine, but the male and female flowers don't open at the same time on the one plant, and I don't have a second surviving seedling, so... It's just a really small vine in a big pot, flowering and being sad by its lonesome. Those two veggies were the ones that received the most attention from me--there are some basils, grass, and lettuces that haven't died yet, but they're only struggling to survive where I have them. Some of the others just never germinated or did and then died when I had to leave suddenly because of my niece's death in April. Those either didn't have any more seeds in the packet (some only came with a few seeds), or I just didn't replant them.

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