Guess What's Blooming? Again?

Yup, it's my old friend, Mister Ornithogalum caudatum! It started blooming again a few weeks ago, when the old bloom with the seed pod on it was still flowering. I accidentally snapped that inflorescence off when potting the beast up, however (but I was able to collect the four seeds within the pod, so I am excited to see whether I can germinate them).

This pregnant onion is pretty large--the bulb is only three inches wide, but the root system is immense and the leaves are easily four feet long each. I love the flower spikes on this plant--they whip back and forth throughout the day and are never in the same position when I wake up or come home from work. If I had a time-lapse camera, I think it would be a fun thing to watch!

Also barely visible in this photo is my ginger. Yup, I stuck withered ginger rhizomes in a pot and said "grow!" and they did a little. They're not terribly happy, but they aren't dead yet.

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