Growing Tomatoes Indoors

I like growing tomato plants inside my apartment--because the plants are such weeds that they'll grow despite the utter lack of an environment appropriate and beneficial to them.

These "Super Bush" tomatoes I grew from seed I got from Renee's Garden were flowering over two months ago. Now, I have okay-sized tomatoes plumping out on my plant. The plant itself is fairly compact--not as spindly as the tomatoes I grew last year, but probably not as compact as the plant is supposed to be. They don't get the intensity of light they need, despite getting five to six hours of direct sunlight each day. They do well enough, but it isn't as if they're thriving.

These are the only two tomatoes growing on the plant right now. The other couple flowers on this clump fell off, and I missed fertilizing another set of flowers--I saw them almost ready to open, then I found them all withered a week or so. Another set is coming up, so maybe they'll open and I can have more tomatoes that will ripen in, say, November. I have been way too busy with various things this year. I would like at some point to be able to focus on the plants!

But, again, the "plant it and pretty much forget it" attitude is why tomatoes are awesome to grow indoors, as long as you get an amenable variety. "Super Bush" seems chill about it. It doesn't complain too much, it doesn't have the spider mite problem I had last year, and its tomatoes are significantly larger than the ones I got from "Ace Bush" last year, which took until November to mostly ripen on the vine (and several stayed red and firm off the vine until January, because for some reason I didn't eat them all and kept them around forever).

I do have weird spots on the stems of "Super Bush," but they're really only visible when I take a picture with flash. I wonder what it is? Maybe the tomato is just trying to be cool, like the Ledebouria socialis leaf peaking out on its left.

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5 Responses to Growing Tomatoes Indoors

  1. I think it's amazing that you get them to fruit!

  2. I had no idea that you could grow these indoors. No problems with spider mites?

  3. Your post reminded me that earlier in the season I was reading about a really tiny variety that was good for containers, that I was suppose to try. Now I can't remember which one it was.

    Love that you're growing tomatoes indoors.

  4. Kenneth, add a supplemental red-tinged CFC light. (Many lightbulbs will have an indicator on the package to tell you where the light color falls on the spectrum of blue-red.) It will help increase the bloom/plant ratio

    I love growing indoor tomatoes. Mr. Brown Thumb,Super tiny tomato plants include MicroTom, Minibel, Halms Gelbe, MicroGemma. Those can be grown in pots that are only 4-6 inches across the top. Seeds can be ordered on line from places like Tatiana's "tomatobase", or Tomato Growers supply.

    With a bit larger pot, say 8" across, you can grow Red Robin, Yellow Canary, Tiny Tim, and Pixie.

    A few new hybrids to try that can also be grown in small pots include "Sweet 'n' Neat" and Tumblng Junior in Red and yellow, from Thompson and Morgan. Although they are an English company, several US vendors sell seeds of their "patio" tomato varieties.

  5. Its great to have these fruits...


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