Seed GROW Project #5: Fun Nasturtium Recipes!

So, although my outdoor "Spitfire" nasturtiums decided they didn't like 100-degree-Fahrenheit weather for weeks on end with no rain and my indoor nasturtium is kind of just sitting there, dropping leaves as soon as it throws them out (in other words, my Seed GROW Project update is nothing new from last month), I am still posting about nasturtium.

I decided to start browsing for creative ways to use nasturtium. I can't, of course, just use them like a normal person in a salad, soup, stir fry, or sandwich; no, I have to be creative. (That's one of the reasons my cooking adventures turn out alright but never as amazing as they could be--I should figure out how to do the standard dishes before making up new ones!)

So, for this month, I thought a nice selection of recipes I'm looking forward to trying is in order! Nasturtium leaves and blooms aren't too difficult to come by here in DC, but I wish I could use my own-grown ones.

First and foremost, I'd want to try making Maangchi's hwajeon (nasturtium blossom rice pancakes) again. I don't think I made them right the first time--they tasted dry and floury, not sweet or good at all.

Another thing I would want to try, if I made real cheese (say, a yummy chevre), would be to roast nasturtium leaves slowly into ash and coat the cheese with it for a sharp and delicious compliment to the soft aged cow/goat/sheep-derived goodness. Just an idea. People do similar with kale, and it's awesome!

In my Google search for ways to use nasturtium, I came across a nice list of nasturtium uses by Lisa at Get In The Garden. She is a fellow Seed GROW Project participant and awesome tweeter. My favourite suggestion from her list was the nasturtium-infused butter. If I ate meat, it seems like it would be wonderful on fish! (I found a recipe elsewhere for nasturtium-blossom mayonnaise, but I have this weird aversion to mayonnaise in all its forms, so I'd much rather spotlight Lisa's idea of nasturtium butter.) I am also interested in making nasturtium tabbouleh, but I think I should test out the boy's mother's recipe first, before I ruin it with my tinkering.

Stuffed nasturtium leaves was one of the most common recipes I came across (my Google search had "-salad" as one of the search terms to try to reduce the number of hits I'd never want to check anyway). This recipe seems fine enough, but I'm spotlighting it not for the ingredients but for the photograph of those huge leaves! The only other evidence I've seen of such leafy girth is by Seed GROW Project participant Erin at The 6x8 Garden. My leaves sure as heck don't get that large indoors on my windowsill!

Of course, Martha Stewart says "Hey, make nasturtium pesto. It's a good thing!" Sounds like!

I've recently become a fan of risotto--creating a dish with nasturtium flowers in it? Heck yeah!

But I think I saved my most looked-forward-to stumbled-upon recipe for last: Apple Mint Nasturtium Jelly. You know, it sounds ridiculously good enough that one could eat it on just toast instead of on roasted leg of lamb (although I can imagine it'd taste pretty awesome that way!).

Anyone else have any fun(ky) way they (would like to) use nasturtium?

I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds.

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7 Responses to Seed GROW Project #5: Fun Nasturtium Recipes!

  1. No, I put mine in herbed vinegars... boring LOL!

  2. Not boring! I did come across a few of those recipes--I still have chive blossom vinegar that I made a few months ago. It is AMAZING.

  3. I am certainly willing to test that Apple Mint Nasturtium Jely lamb-bound if any finds its way out of your kitchen! That sounds incredible. Is a Nasturtium Cordial a responsible possiblilty?

  4. Thanks for Googling for us and getting us this info. I'm about to the point where I have enough foliage on one of them that I can sacrifice a few shoots, leaves and blooms.

  5. I put red nasturtiums in a green garden salad last fall for a group gathering. The non-gardeners ate the nasturtiums, left the salad.

  6. I've never tried 'em, but I've heard tell you can make a caper-like thing out of the seeds! Check this out:

  7. I wish I had heard of this seed grow project earlier! I currently have my own nasturtium project going (among others), where I'm comparing the progress of nasturtium growing outside vs inside in a homemade grow box. The plants growing outside are quickly approaching death due to all the heat we've had in Indiana over the last month, but the one inside is doing beautifully and trying to take over the whole grow box. I'm going to bookmark this page so I can try out some of these recipes when my indoor nasturtium starts blooming!
    If you'd like to check out my nasturtium experiment, here's the link:


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