Hey? What's Going On?

I haven't updated on the living room garden in over a month, and the last update wasn't what one would call comprehensive. Nor will this one be, but these are the interesting things happening at the moment. (I have to mention some mixed news pertaining to that last update--the lime fruit fell off while I was in Canada [I think the plant was shocked because I forgot to water it before I left], but it also sent up an eight-inch-long growth full of healthy green leaves. So, vegetative growth for healthier plant and more limes in the future!)

Well, there are other interesting things, but they aren't that interesting--my lemon basil is doing well in the windowsill windowbox with my ornamental hot pepper and some Sempervivum. The blue fingerling potatoes that had died in there previously apparently didn't all die--one started growing again. The Alternanthera dentata is taking over every empty pot (as one plant dies, I stick a cutting in, and they go crazy, as is their wont.). My Ledebouria socialis is also going crazy--in a year since I purchased the original plant, I have grown almost 50 new squills.

But I didn't take pictures of all of that. So, here you go!

My Little Bluestem, Schizachyrium scoparium, is doing alright. I mean, it's several months old and pretty tiny... But it's branching and growing. I wonder if it'll flower indoors? It should toward autumn, but one never really knows how nontraditional houseplants will react to the indoor environment. It's doing better than the seeds I sowed at Mr. Yogato (but let's not get into that, eh?).

The eggplant in the background did not survive my Canadian absence, unfortunately, but the Yucca is doing fine!

Soon after the last bloom faded (literally only weeks later), my Ornithogalum caudatum decided to send out another inflorescence! Although I tried to sexually propagate my pregnant onion last time, it didn't take. Maybe this time I'll try the vibratory method I used successfully for my indoor tomatoes last year?

Also in this picture? My oh-so-huge lemon geranium and my Philodendron bipinnatifidum lording over the bedroom.

My Hippeastrum seedlings are doing splendidly! I had pretty good germination from the seeds I gathered from my "Red Lion" amaryllis. I have no idea how/when/whether I'll try to separate these seedlings once/if they go dormant later. I'm excited to see in about three or four years what colours these plants' blooms will be! You know, if I can keep them alive that long. It's a big if.

My Kohleria "Silver Feather" is doing awesome! I got these rhizomes from Kyoko back in March at the Gesneriad Society Plant Show & Sale. They haven't bloomed, yet, but they have pretty leaves and haven't died despite my intermittent overattention--I consider that amazing success!

I got this Saintpaulia at the last Gesneriad Society's National Capital Area Chapter meeting (the first and only one I have been able to attend, actually). I joined the chapter after the show and sale in March, and at each meeting, members bring plants that are raffled off as a fundraiser. Any leftovers are free for the nabbing--that's how I acquired this African violet. It was in bloom when I got it, but of course, the blooms fell off immediately after getting the plant home. But, look! It's blooming for me now! Several blooms!

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2 Responses to Hey? What's Going On?

  1. Those plants are jilted lovers... that's what you get for running off to another country for an adventure! I don't know how you keep them all straight, every time I get cuttings from someone I swear I'll remember what they said and I get home to write a tag and duh... I forget! Still grow them, just have a blank look on my face as I say "I dunno, do YOU?" LOL

  2. One of the ways I keep my plants straight is by blogging about them! I try to get all of them logged on here, but some don't make it (they die fast, these jilted lovers!). Then, I reblog about them, or reread my entries. It helps me remember their names (but don't tell them that I have to do that or they might get upset with me...).


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