Bloomin' Edibles

In the winter, I requested seed packets from Renee's Garden to trial indoors. The company graciously provided, and although I have had a bone broken a few times and various events that take me away from my apartment for weeklong periods at a time, some of the plants have survived!

The star at the moment is, naturally, the "Super Bush" tomato. The leaves may be sparse (I trimmed the plant in an attempt to curb the spider mite population upon my return from Nova Scotia), but it has flowered! And, as you can see, my beard-trimmer technique (although it works) leaves behind little hairs everywhere.

Maybe this time I'll get almost-ripe tomatoes before November?

The "Bush Slicer" cucumber, however, has had a rough time. It's flowering, but it's ridiculously young and small. Beside the big spider mite issue, maybe it is overwatered? Maybe it needs more light? I am not convinced that the flowers will reach maturity and yield anything edible, but I'll see how far I can take this baby! (As you can see in the background, my Alternanthera dentata pulled its dramatic leaf-dropping act while I was away. I swear, if I don't water those plants every day, they up and throw a tantrum on me.)

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