What Makes Me Happy

During the past few weeks, I have been kind of, well, busy, to say the least, and little of it had to do with gardening. But, plants make me happy and keep me level. Plants that survive in my care make me even more happy. Plants that thrive make me feel something akin to euphoria. Maranta leuconeura v. erythroneura and Ledebouria socialis can't keep me happy each and every day; that's why I'm glad I have other plants that do fun things!

First and foremost, the Sinningia I bought last December has come back bigger, badder, and beautifuller than ever! After its weeklong dormancy, the bugger popped right back up and grew like crazy. Now, it's flowering like crazy!

Yes. I have a dwarf lime from a mail-order company. Yes, it has a little lime on it. The lime should grow to full size--it's just the plant that's supposed to be dwarf.


My Amorphophallus konjac has a gigantic leaf! Yeah, that's all one leaf, it's just highly segmented. Kind of like parsley, I guess, except probably not as tasty. I think this leaf is totally beautiful--so full, green, and pretty!

This isn't a plant, but it's on a plant! I saw it early this year, and it made me happy to walk by.

This also made me happy, although I'm certain those plants came from Home Despot. I hate that store... I walk in, knowing I'm going to hate the experience. I get frustrated, hate the experience, and stomp out, snubbing the corporation by not purchasing anything. I know they don't have anything I truly want... But I keep going, assuming they will. I know better--Logan Hardware can just special order anything for me, but for some reason, I don't take advantage of that without first getting mildly irritated by Home Despot first.

But... Even so, I can chuckle at this photo. It will help keep me sane through tomorrow, hopefully! Anyone in the DC area should come check out the Pride Festival. And recycle, of course.

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5 Responses to What Makes Me Happy

  1. Love the photos! And I like your Harvest Box, is it new or am I really unobservant? I also LOVE that you measured your Rosemary in inches, I never know how to measure stuff like that since weighing it seems kinda dumb, LOL!

  2. Erin, thank you! Also, yes, the harvest box is fairly new. I think I put it up a week or so ago! I'm not really sure how to measure stuff--in fact, I'm actually not measuring. I'm guesstimating. I'm sure I'm wildly off!

  3. I LOVE random delightful things. Now that I have a phone/camera I always have it on me and I can get more of them. w00t.

  4. Oooh a lime tree? How cool. I was indoor gardening when i lived in DC, and actually grew a few cherry tomatoes and some hot peppers. though, after a while, i started having infestations of small gnat-like insects. It was a pretty neat experience, but I am so so happy to have a balcony now. I will have to start following your blog!

  5. Thanks to you I now finally know what the plant in the corner of one greenhouse at my job is (for some reason, I never asked). I even almost threw it out while it was dormant, but it's grown into a big Amorphophallus now.


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