Award-Winning Photography

After learning a few lessons about taking good photographs from the Washington Gardener photo contest and a photographer friend, I went out and tried to get more interesting shots. I think I got a few good ones, and when I posted them, Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener, commented that I should check out the "Signs of Spring" photo contest for a local community paper, the Takoma Voice.

This was way back in the when, but Kathy tweeted me at one point, letting me know that I had won! I was excited. Then I kind of forgot about it, because I had it in my head that the newspaper people would get ahold of me. I called them a few times weeks later trying to get a copy of the issue that the picture was printed in, and finally they said I could just come down to the office and pick up my prize.

I didn't know there were prizes involved! I now have a nice T-shirt that says "!Viva la Republica Popular de Takoma Park!" which I think is cute, and an expired certificate for a free year's subscription to Washington Gardener. I think had it been mailed or picked up the moment the issue came out, I would have redeemed it, but I don't begrudge the price of subscription renewal to Kathy. She prints a cool magazine, and it's worth the $20 for the year.

But, besides that--I can now say I'm an award-winning photographer! I think that's kinda cool. Maybe this year, I'll try to get more interesting photographs for the next Washington Gardener photo contest!

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2 Responses to Award-Winning Photography

  1. Hi Kenneth - I had thought the Voice was awrding the prizes at the sametime as the winners were announced so go ahead and extend the certificate to redeem by end of this month. BTW I know the Voice staff is working (like me) on a shoestring and a prayer so I'm not surprised that a few things like this fall off their long to-do lists.

  2. Fantastic photo! Congrats!


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