Tasty Thumbprints

almond thumbprint cookies strawberry jamI went on a cooking binge yesterday. I made a few dozen little falafel patties, which were amazing, but then I made dessert: almond thumbprint cookies with my homemade strawberry jam.

I promise that I'll soon have a post about my community garden. I keep mentioning it, but I haven't shown any photos, or the amazing strawberry patch that I have, or anything! But that's where I got the strawberries from for the jam. I added a little sugar to the batch, for some reason--it really wasn't needed. But basic recipe for the jam: get some strawberries, toss 'em in a pan, add a bit of water, and simmer on low heat until it's all thick and stuff. Then eat it.

For the cookies, I took whole almonds and stuck them in a food processor, to make about a cup of ground almonds. I added a couple shots of olive oil to thicken it, making kind of almond butter (as learned from Macheesmo's peanut butter post). I added two cups of flour, 1/3 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup brown sugar, one teaspoon baking powder, 3/4 teaspoon salt, 1/3 cup agave nectar, one and a half teaspoons of vanilla, and some water to make it all mix well. The recipe I followed was only barely a guide.

Then I rolled balls, thumbed 'em, and baked until they were a little toasted. (I would tell you that I baked at 350 Fahrenheit for 20-25 minutes, but that doesn't mean anything, because y'all know my oven is crazy and I bake with the door open.)

Afterward, I filled in the thumbprints with my jam! Making something that not only tastes good but also was at least in part grown and harvested by myself feels awesome! I just need to be careful with all this delicious food I'm making... It's easy to make large batches, but hard to exercise off all the calories. I brought the cookies (or, at least, some of them) to share at work today. The best way to get rid of calories is to have others eat them for you. The office is a black hole of calories!

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  1. Thanks for the recipe, looks great. Too funny about the oven! :)



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