Orchids Slash Photographic Bribery

I'm throwing floriffic pornographic orchid photographs up in an attempt to garner votes for The Indoor Garden(er)'s nomination in the Best Indoor Gardening Blog category of the Mouse & Trowel Awards. Actually, I had planned on throwing up a bunch of orchid photos from my trip last month to the Botanic Garden without much text anyway, after having gone through a thousand photos over the weekend and sorting them into different post categories.

But anyway, vote your hearts out! (Here's some flower porn, it's better than cupcakes!) Seriously, do take a look at the blogs. There are some truly excellent ones in the finalist list. Including several that I follow regularly and are in the same category as The Indoor Garden(er) (Plants Are The Strangest People, Plant Zone, and Get In The Garden. I don't know the other finalist, I must admit.). I mean, it's my own fault. I nominated some of them.

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4 Responses to Orchids Slash Photographic Bribery

  1. Nice pics, but where's my bribe?

  2. Ugh... Orchids aren't enough for you?

    I have an update on my indoor corn and Cosmos coming up. I have an entire series of bribes planned, if you want!


  3. Dude!! Orchards are Sick!! Great photos!! I love them. I really never had any success, but I would love to grow a few. I think there a few native ones in GA. Or maybe they were Orchid look a likes in the wet brush.



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