A Good Garden Day

I will start near the end of my day, because that's when it started gettin' good.

It rained all day today. I don't have to go to the garden and water it. That made me happy.

I got off work. That made me happier.

I went to Weight Watchers. I weighed in and found that I have lost 30% of my weight since starting in 2008. I was beaming. It has been up and down (but mostly down) because of my whole enjoying-cooking-and-eating thing, but that was an exciting milestone to reach.

When I got home, I had an envelope with seed packets of Sinningia pusilla and Sinningia leucotricha from Brazil Plants. Well, actually, it came from the Gesneriad Society's National Capital Area Chapter, which I joined after their show and sale in March. The chapter has a subscription to Brazil Plants, allowing them to order 12 seed packets three times per year; members are allowed to order two packets each, but after you order, you're put to the back of the line. When you get your seed packets, you grow the plants, and people can bring extra seedlings in for the plant swaps that occur at every meeting.

So I'm wicked-excited to get these seeds! The Brazil Plants website says that S. pusilla is difficult to grow, but S. leucotricha is listed as easy. We'll see how well I can do these--I might split the seed packets and see whether anyone else would like to grow them, just in case I kill them (as is my wont).

But that's not all! Upon returning home, there were fun plant happenings. Although the rest of these photos look like a bunch of dirt, they're really exciting to me.

While watering my plants after getting home, I noticed the little Amorphophallus rivieri (or A. konjac?) corm sending up some growth. I very much enjoy this one description I found: "The smell is so solidly rank that it will grind your eyes deep into your skull and send your teeth in after them." I'm excited for this bitty to flower!

This is the larger corm that I ordered. The smaller one was a "free" one. I received these on 27 March and potted them immediately, so it took only six weeks for them to start growing. I knew they had already developed some roots, because I dropped each pot (at different times for different reasons, although I'm sure the little guys didn't care what my reasons were for dropping them) and had to tenderly repot the babies. The corms are claimed to be edible, but I am cautious about the Plants for a Future site, even though it provides copious references at the bottom if its information pages. For example, it mentions that Persicaria perfoliata is invasive in an addendum to the entry, but it never mentions the ouchy thorns that are so hard to get out of your skin. Seems like a big thing to leave out when discussing edible plants! One never knows what could be left out or not mentioned in other entries, too.

Also growing on (Heh. Punny.) was this. Don't ask what it is--it was from one of three sets of free tiny bulb things from another order I received last week. It popped up pretty fast, but I'm still disappointed my Dracunculus vulgaris (the priciest item in the order) was missing from the package this bulb came in! How many stinky arums do I need, you ask? More than two, I can tell you that!

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5 Responses to A Good Garden Day

  1. What ever that last one is, it's adorable. That's all that matters. :)

  2. I had one of the "voodoo lilies" bloom indoors and I can attest to how horrible the smell is.

  3. Nice blog. Being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog. keep on posting. Iflorist.co.uk

  4. Interesting plants! Congrats on the weight thing, I am sure your healthy garden diet helps so much. I am sick of the rain already, we needed it yes, but it's still a steady downpour and I just had to put a tarp over my container tomatoes as I am afraid they will get root rot or fungus if this goes on much longer!

  5. The last one might be some kind of Oxalis, though it's of course not possible to tell for sure at this stage.



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