Gardener Interrupted

I had to leave town suddenly last week, and several things kept me from blogging (despite the crazy amount of updates that need to be done!) and following others' blogs. The largest distraction was the death of my two-month-old niece, Jailen Louise. I spent most of last week with my mom, my sister who has my nephew and one of my other nieces, and my brother, helping take care of basic things such as dishes, laundry, cooking, making coffee (the most frequent but also most rewarding chore at mom's house!), and the like.

The little time I did get to myself I spent preparing this guest blog post for Nick at Macheesmo. I made Maryland Crab Soup. I don't recall it being something our family made all that frequently (we mostly just cooked our crabs and ate them spread out over a newspapered table), but we're from Maryland, crabs were a family theme, and it just felt right, kind of honouring my family by cooking something familiar from my childhood. Please do turn a blind eye to the nonvegetarian items in the soup. It is truly delicious even without the animal products!

In addition to that, I got a community garden plot and spent a few hours weeding and hoeing to rearrange the paths around the beds. The plot came with a 10-foot-square patch of strawberries! Some had been chopped out of the plot before I arrived--and my neighbouring plot had freshly planted strawberries in containers just feet away from my bed. Hm....

But wait, there's more! I'm gearing up to bake for the DC Food Bloggers' Great American Bake Sale to help raise money to feed hungry children in the states. Colleen at Foodie Tots has been organizing our group and has a list of all the participants. We'll be at Eastern Market on Saturday, 17 April, from 9 to noon. I'm going to make chocolate saltine brittle candies, Hell Yes Chocolate Macaroons, roasted pecans, and some soft pretzels. (Feel free to donate cash if you won't be able to swing by to buy some baked goods!)

Look forward to more regular posts in the coming week or so, after I finish my already-late Master Gardener final exam and figure out why my home computer doesn't want to work.

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4 Responses to Gardener Interrupted

  1. I am sorry about your niece, your family must be going through a very difficult time. I am sure they appreciated all you did. Good luck on getting your computer running and MG exam completed, we'll still be here waiting whenever you get caught up!

  2. Different kind of hoeing and crabs than I remember in San Diego, but thanks for bringing an aging man back to his roots ;)

  3. I'm very sad to hear about your niece. Loosing a child is devastating. Hopefully that garden plot serves you well. I love that those strawberries were blatantly stolen without even an attempt at a cover up.

  4. It was very nice to meet you on Saturday at the Bake Sale. I did get a chance to try out some of your organic baked goods such as the Pretzels by Death :) and the Roasted Pecans. Everything was really good and I would have never known that your oven is broken!


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