Spring Hits Mr. Yogato

I don't quite know everything that I planted here in the Mr. Yogato spring bulb garden. I know it's mostly Iris, Crocus, tulips, one Fritillaria camschatcensis, Scilla siberica, and one "Dominic" daylily. I have a list or four somewhere, but I might be missing some items. No matter--it'll be beautiful very shortly!

Here is the bulb garden on Sunday night. The "Hello Darkness" Iris are what I'm really looking forward to, but at the moment, I have mostly Crocus leaves and some sort of miniature iris-looking flower that I'm pretty sure is really a bulb. The Scilla siberica should bloom shortly, too!

Here is a close-up of the iris-looking flower. I let the owner of Mr. Yogato think this is the one that he "planted" in the fall. I wanted him to feel a sense of ownership in the garden, so I kind of forced him to take part. Letting him think that this first-bloomer was the one he planted should help reinforce that sense of ownership and interest in plant-related things (maybe he'll pay me?!?).

Yeah, I know he'll get the Google alert he set up for Mr. Yogato, and he may even read this post, discovering my devious ploy. But it doesn't matter--his bulb is currently blooming (there are about five in bloom at the moment), and it is just as beautiful as this one! He should be quite the proud papa regardless.

And yes... Most of the plants that will bloom here are dark purple, "black," dark blue, or such. There might be a few random yellow or pink tulips (freebies) as daring splashes of brightness amid the dark brooding beauty that will explode here shortly.

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7 Responses to Spring Hits Mr. Yogato

  1. Sounds like a fun flower bed. I'm excited to see them all in bloom!

  2. Wow do you have a name for that iris in that picture? That is amazing.

    I don't have too many bulbs but I could definitely make room for something that stunning.

  3. Aha! It is an Iris! The reason it wasn't on any of my order lists is because it was one of the "free gifts" the bulb company sent along with my order (as well as some "Van Eijk" tulips). I finally sifted through all the bags the stuff was individually wrapped in.

    Iris reticulata. Andrew, I can't find it on the company from which I ordered (Jung Seed), but it's affiliated or the same company as like half a dozen others, so I don't really know. Well, I lied, a quick Google found it at McClure & Zimmerman. It is an affiliated company.

    They don't take up much space, they're only a few inches tall, and they bloomed earlier than the Crocus. I haven't found anything bad to say about these Irises!

  4. Mr. Yogato garden will be gorgeous when all those bulbs bloom... nice to see it is no longer under snow!

  5. Thanks. I've been looking at some Iris reticulata recently. I'll definitely get some this fall. Maybe mix them with some snowdrops or other very early bloomers

  6. Uh oh, Andrew... That website you linked to is dangerous! Those Irises are ridiculously beautiful!

    And, Erin, you know I'll be sharing the pretty here. :D

    Also, for y'alls info--the owner of Mr. Yogato did read the post. Hehe.

  7. The combination of colors you described sound intriguing. Now you will need to post a photo with all of them together. I gave up trying to match colors years ago - too many catalog descriptions lie.



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