Gettin' Busy Part 2

This is the second half of the winter indoor update. The other post dealt with newish plants; this one deals with previously mentioned plants.

My Philodendron bipinnatifidum is sending out larger leaves every other week or so. It has gotten gigantic since I bought it! I ripped off a little offshoot the plant had and stuck it in its own pot. It hasn't died, so I'm hopeful it'll root and thrive!

My Chlorophytum comosum revariegated itself after having lost its variegation. It is also sending out a lot of stolons. I know, that's what these plants are trained to do, but it makes me happy when they do it!

My Streptocarpus "Vampire's Kiss" is not dead. It's not terribly healthy, either. But it's not dead.

My Sinningia lost its leaves from what I had originally assumed was neglect--it used to like a lot of water, and then I went to Canada for two weeks, abandoning everything at home and work to the drought that followed. So, Sinningia lost its leaves and its flowers, and I felt bad. But that's what they do, Kyoko of the Gesneriad Society told me. I knew they went dormant at some point, but I just assumed it was my neglect rather than the plant's natural tendencies. Maybe I just helped it along? In any case, it's back, and doing pretty well! It is, however, reaching for the light. I think I'll stick it under fluorescents, once I have room.

Speaking of gesneriads, here's my all-famed Episcia "Coco." It is sending out a few runners itself (can't let C. comosum outrun you, baby!). It lost some of its lower leaves recently. I think I didn't cut back on its watering enough this winter (read: I barely cut back on its watering).

My Ornithogalum caudatum is looking amazing! When I first bought my pregnant onion, it was such a tiny thing with only 8"-long leaves. Even back in October, it wasn't quite like it is now! I haven't actually measured these, but they look to be a little over 3'.

I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to propagate O. caudatum from its little babies. It never worked. I finally gave up until I found this one still attached to mommy and growing a little leaf. I plucked him up and put him in dirt. The leaf has gotten a bit longer since then!

This is the mystery what-I-assume-to-be Dracaena that I nipped off a plant from the lobby in my apartment. (Please ignore the water spots--DC water has lots of crap in it!) Its leaves went all shriveled, so I chopped them off. Now, however, the new leaves are coming in more beautiful than the ones in the lobby ever were!

My Kalanchoe is doing alright. Although the growth is dense, shiny, and profuse, the leaves are tinier than the original cuttings I had. I really want to see this guy flower!

Here's the view outside my window a week or so ago after the snow finally melted. The trees haven't sent out leaves, yet, but the ivy is sure green! And you wonder why DC added at five-cent bag charge? To prevent unnecessary use of bags that end up making our trees look unhappy and unkempt. (Not really for that reason, but I like my trees without jewelry, unless they're fruit trees, and then it's yummy and appropriate jewelry, not baudy fake party jewelry.)

I have many spiders in my apartment. They are of many different sizes and shapes and likely different niches, as well. Having spiders is a great thing, and I enjoy them. But then, one realizes that in order to have a healthy spider population, there must be a healthy population of whatever they're feeding on. I hope it's just the fungus gnats, but I know it can't be. I found a moth the other night. Where do these guys come from?

And for the cyclanthophobic among us, here's Scarlet, doin' her predatory thing.

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3 Responses to Gettin' Busy Part 2

  1. it "revariegated itself"... that's golden, Kenneth! I may have to post a pic of one of my cuttings I got from some random person at a Master Gardener meeting, I can't identify it but it's growing pretty well!

  2. My favourites are the Philodendron and pregnant onion. Scarlet scares me.

  3. The pregnant onion is a plant I keep buying but lose interest in after a while so I give it away. Yours looks amazing though.



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