Amaryllis Seeds

I woke up this morning to a surprise--my "Red Lion" amaryllis decided it was time to release his babies to the wide, wonderful world!

To a bleary-eyed, unbespectacled gardener, this sight is a true fright, but upon grabbing my glasses and rubbing the gunk out of my eyes, I could see the mass of black innards of the fruit for what it was--the promise of plants to come! I love growing any new plants, but having the satisfaction of starting one from the beginning, watching it mature, and nurturing it until it reaches the baby-making stage really excites me!

These seeds are about half an inch each, with dark, papery, crinkly seed coats. The centres have bumps in the middle--the embryo. I have read that seeds do not remain viable for long, meaning I should sow the seeds in the next day or so. I already put a few in a pot, of course, but I don't think I want to sow all of these. I want to save a few and start them at Mr. Yogato when it warms up. Yes, these are only hardy to zone 10 or so, but it would be interesting to try growing them outdoors!

Hippeastrum was ridiculously easy to pollinate and collect seed from. The only problem is that it will take years to see a bloom, so I have no idea what type of flowers I'll get. Some of these seeds might have been pollinated by the white and pink amaryllis I had (I did intentionally try that), but "Red Lion" is likely both the mother and father to most of these seeds. I wonder whether the flower colour will change in subsequent generations?

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2 Responses to Amaryllis Seeds

  1. Congrats. They're pretty easy to germinate. Sow some in soil and float some in water.

  2. I floated about 30 in water. After about two weeks they had roots and leaf sprouts and I moved them to soil. They're still growing. About 20 of them are left. It's been relatively slow. I tried putting them under the grow lights and they stopped. So I moved them back to a window and they started growing again. I should upload some pictures... I think they're about 8 months old.



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