South African Squill Flowers

My amazingly prolific Scilla violaceae have decided to reward me further--by flowering! This inflorescence is from the squill that was the original one I purchased, which was in bloom when I purchased it, too (Really, is that the photo I published? I thought I had better ones, but I can't find them to save my life. I remember it being difficult to focus--each flower is only millimeters wide.).

I am so psyched! Maybe this time I won't lose the one fruit that develops like I did last time (it literally just disappeared when I accidentally bumped the plant) and I can try to grow these from seed, as well. Or, at least, I can hope the seeds are viable and will germinate if they develop at all!

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6 Responses to South African Squill Flowers

  1. You're like the second garden blogger this week to post about this. Do you all have a secret Scilla violaceae society?

  2. Eh? Who else? I'll cut their ovaries!


    Inside joke. I won't actually cut anyone's ovaries. Well, not over them stealing my ideas and preposting making it seem as if I'm the one stealing their ideas.

  3. This is a very nice plant. The flowers are a little 'dainty' but very exciting regardless! Don't worry, I won't be having any of that Datura (at least not the purple ones, the white ones however... jk)

  4. my friend sarah gave me these beautiful tulips on monday. she sensed i was not quite myself last week and arrived with soup, crusty bread and chocolate...

    send flowers hospital

  5. LOL,

    Our Little Acre recently posted about this same plant. I forget who the other two were.


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