Seed GROW Project

For those of you in the know, skip this part. For the rest of you, seed GROW project is kind of a garden-blogger community-strengthening experiment sponsored by Renee's Garden and hosted by MrBrownThumb and Colleen Vanderlinden (oh my gods, an honest-to-Betsy real name?).

I have, in the past, generally avoided memes and such things. But it's hard when you like the seed provider and the organizers. Peer pressure. And heck, free seeds! I also try to avoid what I consider to be selling out, so I prefer to ignore the almost-free continuous advertising for Renee's Garden and focus on the garden-blogger community-building aspect of seed GROW project.

And the free seeds. Don't ever forget the free seeds! (Did I mention the free seeds?)

All of the project's participants will be growing "Spitfire" nasturtium, a climbing variety with red flowers. Most of the bloggers have out-of-doors areas. I will likely have several this year (overextending myself? Never!), but I have also already sown a few seeds in a pot for my windowsill, of course. Some might go into the Mr. Yogato garden--maybe some will be grown in my community garden plot (confirmation pending, but much excitement!), or maybe in the backyard of neighbour-lady who wants a free landscaper. As part of seed GROW project, I will keep track of how I'm growing these nasturtium wherever I plant them, how I'm using them in the landscape, what I'm doing with them in the kitchen, what birds/insects/whatever are visiting the plant, and other information in posts on the first Sunday of the month, starting in April.

By having a few dozen garden bloggers growing the same seed, everyone gets a glimpse into all the different ways a single seed could be used in different climates, in different combinations with other plants, in different containers or locations in a landscape, et cetera. I'm certain not every blogger will stick their seeds in pots in the windowsill--maybe some will have them in pots matched with complementary plants, or others will train the plants up their fence or maybe up a stalk of corn. Some might use the flowers as a garnish, and others might stir fry the leaves for a peppery side dish. There are so many ideas out there, even for a single plant--sharing these ideas and experiences people have with the same plant is what will help strengthen the garden-blogger community among those participating and those who are following along. (These seeds are available through Renee's Garden, so who's to say other non-seed GROW project people can't join in on their own, compare their progress, and share their own experiences?)

So, that's what this is all about. The first official post will be on Sunday, 4 April. And all of the official ones will have this at the end:

I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds.

By the way, y'all, I broke my collarbone on Monday. Click here for a mobile-phone-camera-photographed picture of a photocopy of my X-ray from the emergency room.

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5 Responses to Seed GROW Project

  1. very exciting about the new garden plot and the neighbor lady! Space is certainly hard to come by where you are! I look forward to your photos of your "gardening about town" this year!

  2. Yeah, I caught a tweet about the collarbone thing a while ago. You going to explain why you thought breaking your collarbone was a good idea, or just leave it to our imaginations?

  3. Space is hard to find, Erin--it has taken me years to get these still only potential opportunities! I'm hopeful, and you know there will be tons of photos!

    Mr. Subjunctive, heh, I'm a bit embarrassed. I wasn't doing anything worth getting a broken collarbone from, such as sky diving, bull wrestling, or anything like that. I was at my parkour gym bootcamp (which, by the way, is fantastically fun). We were learning how to roll in the event that we, for example, jump from a height and need to disperse the impact to prevent injury but maintain momentum and speed. We were doing this from a squat position on mats (i.e., on the ground, no jumping, nothing really crazy). The instructor told us to do our last set of rolls... During mine, I effed up like really bad and instead of hitting the mat, I hit the floor with my shoulder. Big snap. The dislocated shoulder popped right back in, but the bone takes longer to heal... But it's a pretty good break. It's in a better place than most people break, and none of the bones moved much, so the thought is that my ligaments aren't stretched and won't have to be replaced with cadaver ligaments. Yay!

    Although I wasn't doing anything worth getting broken up about (actually, having broken my collarbone doing something so, well, innocuous is more badass, I think!), at least I don't feel like a wimp for sitting out one class.

    Yeah. That's right. I'm going to the bootcamp today in my sling.

  4. At least you didn't just walk into a door really hard or something. Now that would be embarrassing! I LOVE that you took a picture of the x-ray.

    I don't know what I think about this plant. I've seen it growing around here and never been impressed. I think I'm just not a fan of the way the plant looks in general. That being said... FREE SEEDS!

  5. Playing catchup with the posts from March. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for starting early.


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