Renee Strikes Again

After reading MrBrownThumb's post about the Renee's Garden media kit on the Garden Bloggers blog, I sent Renee an e-mail. She sent me a media kit. I sent her another e-mail and mailed in a seed-trial request form. Although she hasn't responded to any of my e-mails, I did get a buttload of seeds today!

The media kit seed-trial request form/seed description list indicates that one may request only up to 18 seed packets. Initially, I thought "Oh, I'll look over this, see if anything would be cool to try indoors, maybe request a few." Boy... If any of you have Renee's media kit, read through all the plant descriptions and go on her website to see the plant photos... It's hard to select only 18 seed packets! Renee's Garden really does have a good selection of fairly awesome plants, I cannot lie. So, I requested 18 packets of seeds for plants that are indicated as good in containers or in shade, the thought being that such plants would be more amenable to grow in the less-than-ideal conditions of a southeast-facing windowsill. Renee is helping me have a better approach to indoor edibles gardening (I'm not trying to grow crazy indeterminate heirloom tomatoes such as Cherokee Purple again, for example), but I also wanted to test out some ornamentals. Although the seed GROW project I mentioned early this morning will be something of percussive free media blitzes for Renee, the one I have planned for these seed packets is a bit more tame. But, she has provided basically the core of my indoor garden for this year, so she'll get plenty of shout-outs from me when I do updates on the plants' progress.

Here's the list I'm trialing. I avoided selecting seed for things that I already have (such as "Pot of Gold" chard). Some of these seed choices are more experimental than others, but I couldn't resist!




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4 Responses to Renee Strikes Again

  1. wow! this will be fun to watch! You might have to resort to a little guerrilla gardening this year for all of these :)

  2. Fun! How are you going to find room for everything!

  3. When I read your post about the seeds you were growing for the fundraiser I almost told you about the offer in the media kit, but I figured I'd let the garden bloggers discover that little surprise she puts in them.

    Don't take it personal that she hasn't replied, it is just that it is their busy season now and they're a family/friends operation. A lot of the people there pull double duty, including Renee.

  4. Hey, Erin... Do you have any space in your yard that needs a few plants? :)

    Aerelonian, that's the trick. I have seen these people setting up simple hydroponic systems in their windows using plastic bottles. Maybe I'll have to do that?

    MrBrownThumb, I understand she's a busy lady! I do, however, want to ensure that these seeds are not used for the fundraiser--I think the request packet was pretty clear about the free seeds being for personal review purposes only, but I might not remember properly. Anything that involves earning money from them makes me leery, however--I'm more than willing to foot the bill for seed packets for a seedling fundraiser, so I'm not too worried about it!


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