Going For Gold

Black hollyhock and "Star of the Veld" tie for gold!

I bought both from Seed Savers Exchange a few weeks or months ago. I started some seeds (okay, I started 168 plugs, not just "some") on Saturday, 13 February. These Alcea rosea black hollyhocks and the Ursinia anethoides "Star of the Veld" were the first to pop up after only three days! I have more than double the number of seeds to start at the end of the month or at various times in March. I'm the 2010 cochair for the Pride Green Subcommittee, which runs Recycle with Pride, and I'm planning a seedling sale to fundraise (we have neither a budget nor a website nor much easily accessible public mention of our existence except here. Our parentage is much more complicated now than it was last year. But Recycle with Pride is the only reason I ended up going to the Pride Festival last year--to volunteer to recycle.).

Here's "Star of the Veld" poking through the soil--these already seems to have nigh 100% germination. The flowers look striking. I thought they would be something nice for the more adventurous gardeners in the area.

And here are the hollyhocks! Only three plugs of the 12 have seeds already germinated, but they're a bit more impressive than the U. anethoides. Hollyhocks are such beauteous plants and black flowers are just so wicked-awesome (gods save me from bat-$#!+-crazy black-plant lady) that I think these will be a hit!

If anyone's interested, here's the list of other things I have started already. It's more of a sampling--to be honest, I don't know what people will want, but I think if everything is in sellable shape and everything is sold, I will have earned about $600 after sundry expenses. People will pay $2 for a seedling in DC. Right?

I might provide links for some of these later--this list does not include the seeds I have not yet started.

  • 12 ornamental hot peppers from Bull Run pepper that I saved to plant

  • 12 cumin

  • 12 lavender cuttings to root (maybe?)

  • 12 oregano

  • 12 curly parsley

  • 6 Italian flat-leaf parsley

  • 6 rue

  • 12 sage from Old Sturbridge Village

  • 6 sage from Botanical Interest

  • 12 thyme

  • 6 each of three varieties of chard

  • 12 black-eyed susan

  • 12 black hollyhock

  • 12 butterflyweed (Asclepias tuberosa--this I had to cold stratify in the refrigerator. Let's hope it worked out.)

  • 6 each of two varieties of nasturtium

  • 12 "Curiosity" (Nigella papillosa)

  • 12 Star of the Veld

  • 12 Alternanthera dentata cuttings

  • 12 Scilla violaceae offsets

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7 Responses to Going For Gold

  1. For 10 bucks Recycle with Pride can have a website using either a Blogger blog, like yourself, or a website using Google Sites, if it is registered through Google Apps. Or, you could set up another blog on blogger and add it to your domain. So it could be something like http://RecycleWithPride.Indoorgarden-er.com.

    I just searched my blog and it looks like the past couple of years Walgreens had had a sale on American Seeds in the last week in February. Here in Chicago the sale is 10 seed packets for $1.00. Check in your area if you're looking for inexpensive seeds, along with a few veggies they sell, I'd go with the annuals like Zinnias and Cosmos and/or the Nasturtiums if they're carrying them. Your profit margin will be bigger with these seeds.

  2. I might stock up on those cheap seed packets for next year from Lowe's or somesuch. This year, I was going more with seeds I already had for personal use and then just ran with the whole heirloom/organic seed suppliers--the DC market is fond of such things! This year is a test run with lots of up-front, one-time costs to develop an idea of what net donation can be gained from this fundraiser with a certain base supply cost. Next year will definitely be different! (Hopefully there will be a next year...!)

    But the website idea is golden! I'll suggest that to the board if they can't us on their website in a reasonable amount of time. It might be nice to have a more interactive site, anyway.

  3. Seeds poking through the soil. Works for me every time, Kenneth. Good luck with the seedling sale.

  4. what the heck? this post never showed up in my reader! I was just visiting to reference your blog in my seed starting post... I'll be back to check this out, LOL!

  5. Ok, I'm back! They all look like winners to me, and love the Black Hollyhock! Looking forward to watching the babies grow. I had to cold stratify my butterfly weed too, just planted it Monday... I will keep fingers crossed for us! I love the subtitle on the article you referenced, "Gay and Green"... I was laughing at the catchy phrase :)... I need a catchy phrase like that for myself!

  6. and good choice going with the Seed Savers seed and such, you can avoid all those "GMO/Monsanto" seed questions... you can just say "NO!" good luck making the big bucks for the cause!

  7. Jamie, it does it for me, too. Germination is the first thrill of success and the excitement of immense promise and potential. Plants are just so cool.

    Erin, I'm not sure why the post didn't show up! I'm glad you approve of my list... Wait until I start adding the edibles! I hope everything will work. Only some things have germinated, but I guess long germination time is one of the reasons these things need to be started a bit earlier than some others.

    I'm not opposed to GMOs, in theory, but in practice, I don't see any reason to use them. Besides, I like the idea of growing plants with interesting names, history, and a proven track record!


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