Winter Already Brought It!

So how appropriate is it that I've been AWOL all weekend because the snow absolutely forced me to stay at a friend's and bake and hang out and make a snowman? 'twas a fun weekend, and an even funner week is ahead of me--I got to work from home today yesterday because of ice! (Everyone else just isn't working. My coworkers and I are the "lucky" ones.) So I ended up going to a cafe only blocks away from work, of course. (And, of course, got distracted and didn't finish this post. C'est la vie.)

With all the white stuff on the ground shouting "New season! New season!", I figure a fall wrap-up is in order. There has been a lot of change in the past few months--the tomatoes are gone, the Mr. Yogato Garden is barren, and I have been paying more attention to nonedible plants.

I'll split up the update into two posts. This one will focus on the Indoor Garden (as it should!). A post later this week will spotlight the Mr. Yogato Garden 24 hours before and 24 hours after the storm.

So, overall, the whole "growing food indoors" experiment was floptastic. I mean, although finally figuring out how to pollinate the peppers and tomatoes, I harvested only a few mini potatoes and one pepper and less than a dozen Ace Bush tomatoes. The edibles have been a bit disappointing, but I blame lack of planning and thinking more than the plants themselves. I did not think, really, about what would be best in an indoor environment. I will try again next year with happier varieties and edibles that I'm more interested in. The tomato plants' growth was rewarding, but the harvest was not. I don't really use tomatoes--it would do me greater good to figure out a variety of squash that is amenable to indoor growing!

And speaking of growing edibles indoors, I ordered some Bloody Butcher Corn from Seed Savers Exchange. I put a few in a few pots just to see how they like it in my living room. The rest I plan on planting as vine support at Mr. Yogato (of course) in the spring. I love corn--it germinates so swiftly!

My indoor Crocus flowers are gone, but the bulbs are sprouting leaves! I think I also see some of the Scilla siberica popping up--I don't remember planting tulips in this container, so it has to be the Siberian squills. I hope.

Remember my cute little gesneriad, Episcia "Coco"? After he popped out a single flower, he decided to send out another runner. The growth has been slow but steady, and I'm hoping that after having potted him up, he'll reward me with a cascade of growth. Despite my initial worries about being able to keep Coco alive (due to the purported horrid care requirements from several of what I consider to be reputable sources and websites), I have found this particular plant to be much more accommodating than people give it credit for.

Barton the Beast, my Gynura aurantiaca, however, was said to be pretty friendly, and he was, for a little while. But then I hacked him back, and he said "Peace be with you, I'm dead." The Zamioculcus zamiifolia in the pot there is developing a nice little bulbous growth at the base of the leaflet. I'm hopeful for its survival and proliferation.

I got these Kalanchoe as a bonus when purchasing my pregnant onion, among other plants, back in June. They're doing well, but not amazing. Give them time.

This Kalanchoe is definitely doing well! I got a cutting from a coworker in October. Her's are in a vase of water and rocks in her office underneath an Indoor Garden(er)-provided grow light bulb. It's leggy, pale, and does not have red leaf edges. Mine is in the windowsill. Its growth is dense and the leaf edges are red. It make me happy. I've heard-tell that it has yellow flowers (if that helps identify it to species...?).

I got this Maranta prayer plant at the same time as the first Kalanchoe. It has done well--it sends out new leaves all the time and is currently branching, so I sometimes have new leaves coming at the same time from different branches!

After salivating over these at Garden District for months, Mr. Subjunctive's profile of Philodendron bipinnatifidum sealed the deal. In just weeks since I bought the plant, it has sent out two new leaves.


These are the survivors of the slug incident. I am happy that some of the rhizomes made it. This Begonia was truly pretty!

A recent, previously unblogged-about purchase. This Sinningia is currently flowering, but I think I need to move it to a more shady position. It already looks like we'll have a love/hate relationship.

Oh, my squills! They're so awesome.

These tulip bulbs that I bought at the DC Green Festival? Not so good. Click for a bigger picture of icky insects crawling all over the rotting bulb. Ugh. Vomit. Trash.

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3 Responses to Winter Already Brought It!

  1. You seems to be an ardent lover of gardening. Your blog looks really cool. It was nice going through it. Keep it up the good work.

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    That bulb looks nasty, did you buy them this year at the GreenFest? Please contact me and I will send you some pre-cooled bulbs for your indoor garden.

    Jeroen Koeman

  3. Keriann/Jeroen Koeman,

    I did buy it at the Green Festival in DC. I only bought two or three, and I forget what varieties. I can't be sure why there were bugs--the soil might have been amended with some of my worm compost, which includes lots of icky creepy crawlies.

    I'll chalk this up to my own disservice to the bulbs, check out your website, and purchase prechilled ones.

    Now, if those turn icky, I might take you up on your offer. :P


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