Post-Thanksgiving Weight Watchers (I Swear It's Plant-Related)

I have been in Weight Watchers since June 2008, and as of last night, I'm down 72 pounds.

The weight-loss journey is really what reinvigorated my interest in plants. (See?! Plant-related!) Growing, cooking, eating plants--that's what helped me lose weight. I accidentally became a mostly-vegetarian during that process, and that's helped me eat gigantic heaps of food and still continue to lose weight, like the 1.6 pounds I lost last week (including Thanksgiving!). The plateaus and blips on my graph (click for the more readable version) are from weeks during which I was eating meat or eating out more frequently. (This summer/fall has been a bit crazy.)

I have to say, I don't do Weight Watchers as they'd like one to. Counting points for the rest of my life is unsustainable for me, so I stick to good, healthy food (home-cooked [some home-grown], organic vegetables, mostly); exercise a bit; and eat as much as I need to not be hungry. The meetings keep me accountable, and the people keep me coming back every week.

It really is easy. The only time it's hard is when you do the things you know you shouldn't be doing (like eating General Tso's Chicken two or three times a week, in addition to those giant muffins for breakfast and jalapeno poppers at any happy hour you're invited to) but expect to get the same results as you have (regular, healthy weight loss).

Could I have lost 72 pounds in less than a year and a half? Well, of course. Would I have enjoyed all the friends, the holidays, and THE FOOD? (Only about three people will say "THE FOOD" in the fashion I am thinking it, and they would laugh, but they don't read my blog.)

Some of my friends know the "mmmm" sounds I make every time I put something in my mouth; The Soupergirl knows her soups give me mouthgasms; during "team building" yesterday with my coworkers, they found out that I LOVE FOOD. I love it so hard. As long as it tastes good, I'm satisfied, but food is what I live for. It's not just a necessity, it's a treasure, and every meal should be savored and worshiped and just... I want to eat now. I will not diet. People can eat copiously and still lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, but they have to eat smart, too. That's what Weight Watchers and being a plant/food blogger is teaching me.

So, what's for lunch today? Home-made spicy Thai tofu/mushroom/onion/zucchini soup. Yummy!

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