Picking A Portion Of A Peck Of Peppers

So... My whole indoor gardening experiment was pretty much a bust. But! I harvest nine tiny little tomatoes, like these on the left, from Ace, my super-trooper. Most of them went in a nice pasta sauce with the one King of the North bell pepper (below) and some of those tiny hot peppers from the plant I got from Bull Run.

I am not certain what I'll do with these last three tomatoes. I think I'll just eat 'em. They are tart and tasty, with only a little icky goop on the inside--but I think that's because I stopped watering the tomatoes so regularly. The plants are dead now. I'm okay with that. It's time to finish the cleanup. I have moved a lot to ornamentals, but the winter, hopefully, will give me time to regroup and figure out what to do next year. I have some cuttings from both Ace, Cherokee, and Sungold (from the Youth Garden) to keep over winter. I haven't decided what to do with them, but I at least have the option to regrow. Sungold is amazingly delicious--sort of smoky, meaty, just delicious and a bit tart. I think I'll put that one outside of Mr. Yogato next year!

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One Response to Picking A Portion Of A Peck Of Peppers

  1. Congrats on the Great Effort!! I guess with anything the puzzle has to come together for it to work efficiently. I learned alot from your posts and have transformed my sunroom in to a soon to be serious haven for indoor plants. Thanks for the Inspiration:)



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