Orchid Bonanza

Prodded by James Missier's post on his orchids and orchid care, I decided to finally post pictures from last month's Orchid Show & Sale, which I went to at the National Arboretum on Saturday, October 10, the day before the Big Gay Equality March (which was, by the way, totally big, and totally gay).

I didn't take photos to identify the orchids. Their lineages all seem overly complex to me. I ended up not buying anything (good, too, they're so pricey!), but I'm almost certain I would have killed the plant if I had walked out with one. It's best for all involved that I took only photos!

So, please, do enjoy the eye candy! (You can click and view the flowers more up close than real life could ever get you, if you wish to do so.)

And just because I couldn't help myself... Here are a few shots of the Equality March as we went past the White House and arrived at the Capitol.

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2 Responses to Orchid Bonanza

  1. Those orchids are lovely, thanks for sharing! National Equality March!!!!!!

  2. I know! Amazing! I think it's so important when people share these kinds of things. I just love a good march on the capitol :) Viva la Revolution!!!



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