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My office plant collection has been termed a "jungle" by several, but I think they're just being nice. But the plants have grown in leaps and bounds since I last updated about them (not that there has been a full-on update like this will be). I don't discuss the "Tiger Kitty" Begonia, the random second Philodendron and the second Epiprenmum aureum that I rescued after the layoffs, nor the Scilla violaceae or Rex Begonia that I brought in recently, or the miniature Gardenia, apparently. Maybe I should have taken more pictures.

Here's the spread on my desk, including the little soon-to-be-cooked-and-eaten pumpkin. I have two grow-light bulbs in the lamp, and it's on a timer that runs for about 12 hours (because I don't have a window in my office and my plants need light when I'm not there). This is much more impressive than it was back in May.

Remember my Epiprenmum, Brendan? He grew a new leaf after almost a year of being single--and then he went crazy. Every week or so, now, he throws out a new leaf, and look at that variegation! He looks nothing like the plant I took him from, just across the wall in the next office. My coworker's plant (incidentally, she is the one who recorded me playing with my sunflower staff) has mostly smallish, dark green leaves with almost no variegation. Brendan has much larger leaves with crazy variegation. I'm so glad I approve of Brendan's choices in life! Oh. The Philodendron is doing fine, too. But I play favourites, and Brendan wins the contest for my heart every time.

I ordered some Neanthe Bella (Chamaedorea elegans) palm seeds. I stuck them in the soil. I kept watering them, and a few months later, I have this! I took this picture a few weeks ago. Now, the little spikes are slightly taller, and I can almost see that a leaf might be coming out of them. I'm totally excited! The soil isn't ideal. I should fix that, but I'm scared of killing the seedling... The seeds took so frakkin' long to germinate, I don't want to have to start over!

This is my "Puffy Cloud" Begonia, as of a few weeks ago. He has been a steady grower and one of the most rewarding purchases I have made so far! The top leaves have started losing the random silver spots that randomly started appearing soon after I bought the plant. I'm content to let Puff Daddy do what he wants--he is a beautiful plant, after all.

I took the runners from my Episcia at home and rooted them in my office a few months ago. They're doing swell--or, rather, they haven't died yet, so I count that as much success!

The Sansevieria that I got from Freecycle sent up a couple new side shoots immediately after being potted and placed in my office, but since then, it has mostly just sat there next to my monitor looking beautifully variegated. Some people worry that he'll poke me in the face, but I like having to dodge leaves every time I sit down.

The Saintpaulia leaf from a coworker's plant rooted and started growing new leaves, but their edges look a bit sickly now. I don't know if I'm overwatering, so I have been holding back lately, and we'll see what happens.

I'd like to call this Oxalis regnellii, because that's what the USDA calls it. But Wikipedia says that's wrong, but they're talking about the purple-leafed one, which mine really isn't. They do flower similarly, and mine does have blushes of red on the undersides of the leaves, but they have never been purple. These leaves are a bit less dark than when I got the plants from the lady who gave me all her seed collection (and tried to give me pot, too), but they are still green. Not purple. So... It's at least Oxalis. And the flowers are truly pretty.

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