High Heel Drag Race Collateral Damage

Three weeks ago was the annual High Heel Race down 17th Street--of course, the finish line was right in front of Mr. Yogato.

It was raining. It was chilly. People were upset that those at the front of the crowd wouldn't put down their umbrellas. Bitching ensued. Drag queens in high heels ran down the street. I didn't see anyone fall.

After the race, I went home. The next day, I went to Mr. Yogato after work. That's when I saw this. My assumption? Drag queens in high heels fell on my plants and rolled around in a giant pile.


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One Response to High Heel Drag Race Collateral Damage

  1. Hmm, next year you'll have to put up spy cameras and a fence - urban living is survival of the fittest at times *sigh*



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