Happy Turkey Day!

Or, as my mom texted me this morning, "Happy Spanksgiving!" It's not as bad as the "Happy Kiss-my-ass" I'll get in just a little under a month. She's a character, my mother.

Here are some pictures of things I'm thankful for--being able to wake up to beautiful mornings outside my window; being able to view the full moon at the Arboretum in a way few others ever will; and having my efforts rewarded with beautiful flowers.

Of course, I'm always thankful for copious amounts of food, too!

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2 Responses to Happy Turkey Day!

  1. So that's where you got your wonderful sense of humour from..

  2. Aha, you didn't delete this comment like the others!

    Yes, my mother. I finally get to see her this upcoming weekend. It'll be a nice reunion.



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