Fighting Titan

Besides a pretty flower, gigantic green foliage, and an amazing number of seeds, Titan made a great fighting staff as well. It's six feet tall, about an inch and a half or two inches thick, and it has a slight curve, so some things are more difficult than others to do with this, but it's solid and usable.

I'd like to find more information about how native tribes in North America used sunflowers as a building material, but all I find are references to what is clearly one source that doesn't cite anything (at least, not about evidence of sunflowers being used for construction purposes). Today, we have sunflower-seed particle board, and one clever person figured out a way to make a bee nest with dried sunflower stalks, but there hasn't been an update saying whether it worked or not... I would love to see, however, some nice sunflower-stalk four-poster beds, or maybe instead of bamboo furniture, we could have sunflower-stalk tables and chairs. Or, instead of wicker, we could have sunflower baskets. See where I'm going with this?

Anyway, I have been leaving my sunflower staff near Mr. Yogato so it can dry. I didn't want to bring any pests that might have existed into my apartment. I don't need it for defense--I have a lot of knives around (my dad buys a lot and he offloaded some to me a while back) and a six-foot wooden dowel (the original fighting "staff"--it, at least, isn't bent). Not that I really anticipate being attacked in my own home, but there was a murder in my building not too long ago, so you never know.

But... That picture doesn't really speak 1,000 words. Maybe this video will. My coworker/beautiful assistant taped me and gave me directions. I don't normally have an audience when playing with my stick. And no, I don't know about Star Wars Kid, thank you very much!

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One Response to Fighting Titan

  1. holy crap, how did I miss this video? LOLOL



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